In parks, museums, memorials, and art shows across the country, ZMK has been  commissioned to create custom public installations ranging from etched glass to steel sculpture.  Outshining thousands of hopeful applicants, ZMK's public art proposals have been enthusiastically received by townships and organizations all over the Unites States

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The Centerpiece of the Coral Springs Art Walk, Beyond is a monumental piece that marked a pivotal moment in the artist's career. Standing nearly 14 feet tall and 9 feet wide, it's made from aluminum and 4.5” thick impact glass.  Using a combination of several different industrial glazing techniques, ZMK achieved something that was beautiful, but also durable and hurricane proof. During the day the specialty film changes colors as you pass by. At night, the laser cut interlayer is illuminated and creates a seamless infinity effect. There are 3 infinity glass floor inserts that illuminate as well.



Making its debut outside the Art Miami Fairs, this powerful sculpture uses sharp angles and countless layers of light, glass, and mirrors to produce a mesmerizing infinity effect. This 14 foot tall behemoth is the artist's vision of a super-sized police drone that we might see in the not-so-distant future.




A series of glass panels hand etched with the names of our nation's heroes.  Commissioned by the City of Tamarac, this series in the Veteran's Memorial Park is intended to honor veterans and remind us of the ones who gave it all to keep us free.



In 2016, ZMK was commissioned to build a 9/11 memorial for the Marathon Key Fire Rescue in honor of the 343 firefighters who gave their lives to save the lives of others. Fire fighters and station chiefs came from all over the country for the unveiling of this piece, many of whom actually worked on ground zero. 


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