“You Can’t Eat Money,” features an immersive experience that captures the zeitgeist of modern culture; our collective obsession with excess, convenience at the expense of the environment, and preoccupation with money... Just to name a few. All of these themes are executed with the intention to poke fun at the undeniable mess we as humans have found ourselves in.



You can’t eat money is a body of work that aims to illuminate an unavoidable truth: that we have all been lied to about pretty much everything. Every day is one big, fat manufactured reality. Our food is poison, our water doubles as our trash can, and our government has tricked us into trading most of our free lives for worthless paper. But, don’t worry, the intention is not to spread depression and fear— but instead to make fun of our broken mess of a life and show it in a unique, visually stimulating way. The works in this show are larger-than-life exaggerations of our daily lives that will have you laughing while simultaneously questioning your very existence.


Corporate greed has taken over our birthright. We are the only species who must pay to live. Survival of the fittest has become a game of Monopoly that has left us in a vicious, unbreakable cycle: The food industry floods the shelves with genetically modified products that are addictive and make us sick. Then, we turn to pharmaceuticals to feel better. Just like that, we are part of an endless consumer machine that keeps us sick, yet functioning well enough to make the rich richer.



You can’t eat money or gold.

Our brains grow soft and our hearts grow cold.

Is our pursuit of wealth weighing us down more than our wallets? Infinite wealth; a dream come true... Will a lifetime of opulence mirror our afterlife? Or unlike the Egyptian vision, perhaps the ultimate goal is not to amount abundance for the afterlife, but to utilize wealth for a life worth living, full of happiness and comfort, and without restraints.


Our only planet bought and sold. After evolving from a nomadic to an agrarian society, humans began conquering and resettling the land. In their wake, they displaced other groups and species, claiming the physical boundaries of the new world. Then, they set to work on the metaphysical boundaries. Caste systems were developed, predetermining the fates of the unborn. Land taken, land sold, land destroyed. When we went from agrarian to industrialized our new master became oil. We drill it, we burn it, we depend on it. Meanwhile it suffocates, poisons and enslaves us all. Has the world become more obsessed with the flow of cash, or the flow of oil? And where do we draw the line between the two?



Is this a nuclear decontamination zone? Or is this the single family home of the future? In a world largely powered by nuclear reactors, where almost every world power has an arsenal of nuclear weapons, it’s not hard to imagine a post-apocalyptic future. No trees, no wildlife, no fresh fruits or vegetables. Survival would be an every day struggle, living solely on canned and preserved foods. If you plan on going outdoors, make sure you don’t forget your hazmat suit and respirator! You will also need to be decontaminated before you enter your living space. Remember- life as we know it could change at the press of a button!


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